Sleep with breakfast of Woeste Goesting

(under contruction)

In this AirBnB there is an option for people to have a super wholefood breakfast with jams and pickels you’vegaranteed never tasted before… that is if you like that. So staying in the B&B can not only include a piece of theatre, a rural sleep and discovering our near area, but also enrich your culinairy knowledge. The food is obtained from the shops below.

300m along the same street is the ‘local’ cultural centre of Goirle, which hosts an (inter)national program with try-outs.  Its name CC Jan van Besouw. From its ‘Grand cafe’  you walk straight into a modern library, which is also often opened until 24hrs. You can read papers there too, and use for a small fee their computers.

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Goirle’s groene omgeving



Years ago when my bed and breakfast was via Vrienden op de fiets, I had an American visitor. I was showing him my village., and he surprised how he was a full mobile office on our local square… In the morning he pulled is card of the Lonely Planet. Now I understood. So somewhere there is an article on us.

One day I had a couple of the area north of Amsterdam. They wouldn’t leave… A week later after they’d finally left I received a postcard thanking me for the nice “holiday in their own country”. These are the stories one remembers.

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