Ethics and Design Andersacademie

Christien Mathon Very very interesting! I was taught Design in England but coming to Netherlands found Design meaning: ‘having fun (no environmental considerations)’. And my type of Design was called “serving design’ in Holland.
The question my whole life is…: Whats the point of design when it does not serve (or call it Art)? After a long stay alongside escaping routes from Africa to Europe, meeting people only having elementary needs for everything else is luxury to them, made the reverse proces ‘from surplus to sustainable’ clearer to me than ever. Many Designers design thinking they are an artist, and do not even understand their ‘wrongdoing’. What the world needs at the moment is thought before Designing…, or no new products at all. Rid waste, kill darlings.

All designs are a waste of time unless looked at global impact. We the rich countries are the only hope on setting examples. (Maslow makes others pre-occupied)


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