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My name is Christien Mathon. Do not hesitate to ask me questions at  Some socalled ‘cityfarmers’ frequent my garden to grow their vegetables.

Being a foreign student once myself, I learned to share and let houses. Since I am back in Holland (1990) I have let rooms in both Amsterdam and Tilburg, as well as partaking in Vrienden-op-de-fiets and Camp-in-my-garden. And in 2017 I am starting a more elaborate special (R)B&B, in combination with culture and very special ecological foods on request (from Woeste Goesting as well). I have allways enjoyed having visitors from all over the world.

There is a lot of comfort such as:

-different shoppingscenters both at 500m and even larger ones at 2km, as well as the citycentre of Tilburg,. At 5 km to here there is the border with Belgium (cheaper petrol and beer/tabacco).

-many restaurants, as Goirle is famous for them by locals, but also good takeaway’s

-free parking

-(international) busses at 400m

-a cultural centre at 300m ( with a very modern library, workspaces, wifi and coffeecorners untill midnight, restaurant, cinema once a week, music and theatreperformances, a musicschool, many other events and tryouts before the larger cities

-recreation in Ecolap the garden.


Because the rooms are more often rented than free, I had to take the pictures with students (stuff) still in it…   The entrance:












Both rooms have:

-a garden

-shelter for pushbikes

-own shower/bathroom




Room 1:thumb_DSC02486_1024.jpg









My lense is not wide enough to take the bottem of own shower (so this impression)



Vieuw from the garden room 1thumb_DSC02502_1024.jpg



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